On Science vs Religion

Science is currently our best way of understanding the universe. Even if some of science is just theoretical, it bases that theory on evidence that is consistently and repeatably measurable. Science is willing to admit mistakes and rewrite itself based on the best information available at the time, in fact that is a foundation of science. It sets out to disprove itself to get closer to the truth. If we discover a better way to describe the universe then science would be more than willing to step down and accept the new process.

Revealed religion says it has all the answers already, anything that is not immediately evident is explained by their deity. Religion is very reluctant to change, it is based on the premise that it was founded by and it’s tenets are from a perfect all powerful deity that is infinitely superior to humans. Because their deity is infallible so to should their revelations be. When science contradicts religion, religion stubbornly ignores science as much as it can in order to maintain its own identity. Religion thinks itself the ultimate truth and would not accept anything other than faith in itself.

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