On a Unified Theory of Existence

We know we are not in control of our thoughts. We also know that we are likely living in a simulation. If you look at both theories together it seems we are living in a very advanced version of The Sims.

One argument for the simulated universe is that, assuming a civilizations technological level progresses at any degree over time, eventually it will reach a level in which it’s technology is advanced enough to simulate a universe. And eventually will be able to maintain multiple simulations. And the same could be said of those simulated universes, that they could eventually run simulations of their own. So statistically there would be be vastly more simulated universes than top level ones.

Taking that theory and mapping it out onto how we use our technology today, you see that our current simulations or our best technologies usually start off being used by governments or large corporations. But eventually it reaches mass consumer use. Extreme computing power is used for massive servers or super computers but then get’s popularized as the latest and greatest graphics cards to play the newest and most realistic computer games. Of the total number of simulations, games are the vast majority. So again, statistically if we are in a simulation it seems that it is more likely that it is a game than a scientific one.

Now throw in the idea of Multiple Independent Discovery and it looks as though we have a parallel with the popular Civilization games where the player can direct their civilization to research specific inventions or technologies. You can imagine that our Simulation Director decided they wanted us to know calculus so they set us on the path towards that. Sir Isaac Newton, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Pierre de Fermat and possibly others were all tasked with it’s discovery.

If we are indeed in a game, what is the goal? How do we win? Are we the core of the game and are possibly supposed to become self aware of the simulation? Or are we just a pawn on the board to be used or even sacrificed?

We need to think about these problems, and do our best to find out the answers. But until we know more it should not change our day to day lives. We should not give in and try to say that we have no free will so we can just waste away on the couch for the rest of our lives. Until we have proof, we should live as though we are the top level civilization, the one true reality. Until we know how to act on this knowledge we should act as though the problem is not even known. Or at least the majority of people, those that are not dedicated to answering this problem, should be able to ignore it. For now.

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